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          Infinity Mind is a practice that utilises NLP, Coaching and Clinical Hypnotherapy techniques to assist our clients. We provide personalised sessions designed to help you lead a balanced, harmonious life. It is important to have a good relationship with your therapist/practitioner/coach in the process of creating a change. As such you will experience a warm, friendly and entirely positive environment, with every visit to our practice. We communicate in a respectful, straight forward and common sense manner. We will be working together to get your result. We are focused and dedicated to achieving your goals by combining all the skills and techniques that we are trained in. 

To our Business clients, we offer Leadership and Sales Management sessions to help you enhance your skills or gain new ones in the process of developing and growing of your company. For more information on our business coaching services, please refer to our coaching page here. 

Let us help you get clarity of mind and resolution to move forward in these uncertain times.

           As a practitioner and coach Lilyana is trained and qualified in numerous approaches and styles that NLP, Coaching and Clinical hypnotherapy have to offer. She is a passionate therapist and trainer that enjoys working one-on-one with people. 

     We are all unique humans and we believe, every session should be specifically designed to your personality, strengths and experience. We have the knowledge and skills to quickly identify the important part of the presenting problem/solution that will create a significant change in the most efficient time frames. 

     We use a simple approach that focuses on the solution, rather than finding "The "Why" for the problem".

          After all, if you are stuck, you really don’t care how you got stuck, why you are stuck, when or how you got there - you simply want to get unstuck and move forward. We provide programmes and approaches that assist people in getting back in control and back on track in minimum time frames. In fact, you will most likely experience a deeper insight into yourself and your true capabilities than you may have thought possible. We use modern approaches that make our programmes unique, powerful and offer a genuine opportunity for the result you want. You are most welcome to call 0422811163 or e-mail lilyanabrewer1@gmail.com and book your first session.

                                                All the very best, 

                                                 Lilyana Brewer

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Cairns City , 4870

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